Open submission for proposals for the exhibition


To be held in the grounds of Chateau Bellenau, Basse-Normandie, France

Opening Easter weekend (Friday 22nd April,) until the winter solstice (21st December,) 2011.






Ferns and grottos, springtime, Chateau Bellenau


To animate and help protect a series of waterways using fountains, water jets and sculpture set within a quirky romantic garden open to the public.

Originally created during the second half of the 19th century, to the dream-inspired vision of then owner

Pierre-Joseph La-Fosse, Bellenau garden is a unique example of its’ type, with islands, follies, caves and tunnels, magnificent tree and fern specimens. The garden became officially recognised as a historical monument in may 2010.

Recent additions include contemporary planting schemes, a new tree planting program, and natural meadow areas managed to encourage biodiversity.

In recent years the health of the waterways at Bellenau has suffered due to pesticide run-off, summer droughts and the resulting imbalance in the ecosystem.

In organising « Eaux Vives » our aim is to create an event which will not only attract attention in terms of aesthetic interest, but will also remind the viewer of the fragility of water as a resource and our impact upon it. The surface movement of water will have the direct benefits of oxygenation and preventing surface pondweeds from spreading.

Bellenau gardens 1920s’

Terms of participation;

  • The interpretation of the theme « Eaux Vives » (literally  » living waters »,) is entirely at the discretion of the participant.
  • Potential participants are invited to submit designs by February 12th 2011.
  • The participant is required to fund the making and participate in the transportation of their work to Château Bellenau. Please consult with us concerning your particular requirements so that we can organise the most effective means of transport for all. A variety of electric pumps and water jets will be provided on site according to the technical specifications of the selected designs.
  • Selection will take place by February 19th 2011.
  • Works are to be delivered to Château Bellenau by April 15th 2011. Wherever possible, it is preferable that the participant is available for the installation process with on site support from Bellenaus’ technical team.
  • Château Bellenau undertakes to provide extensive promotional support to the exhibition and it’s participants through a dedicated garden blog , (linked to our main website ,) the Union of Parks and Gardens of Basse-Normandie and the association Cotentin Côté Jardins, in addition to printed media and both local and national press coverage.
  • The exhibition opening will take place on Friday 22nd April 2011.
  • Selected works can be for sold to the public at the participant’s discretion; Château Bellenau will take a commission of 5% in the case of a sale.
  • Château Bellenau will select at least 1 work from the exhibition to purchase for permanent display in the garden.
  • Château Bellenau will take responsibility for minor technical problems and maintenance issues during the course of the exhibition, but reserves the right to withdraw a piece of work from public display should a serious malfunction occur.
  • Château Bellenau does not accept responsibility for any damages incurred to participants work during the exhibition period.
  • At the end of the exhibition period, Château Bellenau will take reasonable responsibility for the return of any unsold works to their creators if they are unable to collect in person. However, should the work be exceptionally difficult and or costly to transport, the responsibility will be that of the participant, this to be notified on acceptance of the initial project submission.


Technical Specifications: Designs may follow the following criteria; there are no restrictions in terms of materials used.


Solar, wind or human powered (i.e. a mechanism set in motion by human participation of some sort.)


A structure to house an

existing fountain attachment (to be provided by Château Bellenau) (i.e. the movement of water will be pre-determined) 


A structure to be powered by a pump (to be provided by Château Bellenau)

(i.e. the movement of water will be defined by the structure.)


A sculpture or installation to be displayed in or around the waterways,



Application guidelines ;

1. To register your interest please send an email subject « Eaux Vives » to:, stating your name, profession, contact details , and any questions you may have concerning your application.

2. Your application (deadline February 12th 2011)must include ;

  • A signed and completed submission form (page3.)
  • A sketch of your idea in the medium of your choice.
  • A brief description of your project, including title, materials , preferred location in the gardens(see annexe.)
  • A list and/or plan showing technical specifications, including choice of design criteria (from table above), dimensions, and any specific installation requirements.


    Send by email to:

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